Event Summary

Building an anti-racist society is an enormous commitment, as demonstrated by the scope of the Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Action Plan. Join Senedd Insight’s Creating an Anti-Racist Wales Conference to discuss how we can make anti-racism a reality.

Learn more about the Anti-racist Action Plan – its implementation, delivery, and next steps to achieve the vision for 2030, beginning with what we must accomplish by 2024.

All Welsh organisations have a vital role to play in ensuring their anti-racist action plans are as actionable and as up-to-date as possible. What do Welsh public service providers and workplaces need to do to fulfil their role in combatting racism through anti-racist cultures, and the design of anti-racist services?

Data gathering is important to combat racism because we cannot solve a problem we have not yet identified. At our conference you will learn from Network Rail Wales and Western Region how to use data to identify gaps in representation for Black and Minority Ethnic people in your organisation. Diverse Cymru will share how to embed cultural competence into your organisation and drive unconscious bias out of it.

Anti-racism extends beyond the workplace, you will learn how to become an active ally in all elements of your life. You’ll hear about a wider range of policy actions relating to workplaces, human rights, education, safety, housing, health and social care, sport, culture, and community cohesion.

Brochure can be provided in Welsh. Cysylltwch am y llyfryn Cymraeg – email events@knowledgeexchange.group.

Key Points

  • Embedding anti-racist measures across public services and workplaces in Wales
  • Understanding lived experience of racism
  • Racial equality in leadership in Wales
  • Becoming an active ally and calling out problematic behaviour
  • Committing to anti-racism in your professional, personal and private lives
  • Using data to identify and solve problems regarding representation
  • Becoming culturally competent and combatting unconscious bias

About Senedd Insight

Senedd Insight is a division of the Knowledge Exchange Group Ltd. We provide insight into policies and initiatives originating from the Senedd. We deliver CPD accredited learning, networking and guidance to help organisations in Wales to embed new policies, maintain regulatory compliance, access funding, innovate and transform.

Whilst we consult Government departments and practitioners from across the public, private and third sectors, our conferences are politically impartial and organised independently by us. No funding is provided by any other body or government.

Venue details and access

The venue has been confirmed. The conference will take place in central Cardiff, a 5 minute walk from Cardiff Central train station. The venue address and directions will be sent to registered attendees by email.