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Contact us for the Welsh event brochure. Cysylltwch am y llyfryn Cymraeg

Event Summary

With a new inspection framework for Estyn in place since September 2022 and plans to increase the frequency of inspections, how is your school addressing school improvement?

Join us online for Senedd Insight’s Estyn Inspections Digital Conference. You will hear practical insight and expert guidance around the five key challenges for school improvement, as per Estyn’s summary report in September:

  • Curriculum for Wales implementation
  • Supporting pupil wellbeing
  • Tackling harassment and bullying in schools
  • Mitigating the impact of COVID-19
  • Tackling the poverty gap.

With Estyn’s full report due to be published in January, this full day, digital conference is a timely opportunity for leaders and experts to address the key barriers to school improvement.  Understand the new approach and learn from best practice across primary and secondary in Wales.

Learn how to develop a stronger self-evaluation system, under the School Improvement Framework. Hear from sector leaders who have developed reflective practices and improved outcomes for their pupils.

Learn from best practice, share ideas, and network with your peers.

Key Points

  • Best practice in self-evaluation and improvement and understanding five key challenges for school improvement according to Estyn
  • Learn from best practice across primary and secondary schools in Wales
  • Take away best practice guidance for designing and delivering School Development Plans
  • Expert guidance for developing and evidencing successful Curriculum for Wales implementation
  • Examine the importance of collaboration: pupils, parents, local authorities and consortia
  • Hear from the very first school in Wales to face a pilot inspection under the new framework.