Really good to hear the innovation across the sector and to hear a broad spectrum of speakers.

Gill Mooney, Community Housing

Very motivating - reminded me of the importance of the projects I'm involved with and gave me a lot of ideas to follow-up and connections to sustain

Michael Roberts, ExtraCare Charitable Trust

Very informative and useful information overview of different areas of the country.

Karen Maclean, Teignhousing

It was an excellent and informative morning with a selection of very good speakers. It can be difficult to maintain audience engagement in an online event but I was interested and engaged throughout the event.

Kath Dawson, Platform Housing Group

I found that the content of today's event was very helpful and gave a lot of food for thought. The information shared was useful, and I will be able to take this into consideration moving forward to best support the young people we may look after as a care service provider.

Kirsty Miller, Bleep360 Care

"Really insightful and thought provoking sessions which will certainly add to our strategy planning ongoing."

Nina Allinson, SAMH

"Very interesting and thoroughly enlightening. Lots to take away and useful information to put into practice in my own organisation"

Lorraine McQuilkin, Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd

"Really informative. Lots of content but still had sufficient breaks."

Jen Beer, Hertfordshire County Council

"Fantastic facilitator - very professional yet personable and doing an excellent job of keeping things to time"

Laura Buckley, HMI Probation

"Really helpful and useful discussions - great to refocus and maintain the vision of supporting wellbeing in schools. Absolutely LOVED Julie's comments - inspirational - her message is not being replicated in schools and it so needs to be - she should speak to the children and families minister. Thankyou for your time."

Sarah Kinsey, Nottinghamshire CAMHS - Mental Health Support Team - Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust